At FT Technologies, we recognise that meteorological measurement requires anemometers designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, delivering accurate and consistent data with low power usage.

FT anemometers have been used in meteorological applications all over the world including at both poles. Customers have used FT sensors in weather stations, hurricane research, glacial research, cold climate weather monitoring, oceanographic research, environmental monitoring solutions for fire weather, maritime weather monitoring and avalanche risk detection.

Using the knowledge that we have gained as a leading supplier to the world’s top wind turbine manufacturers, FT Technologies has developed the FT742-DM and FT742-SM anemometers. With a wind speed range of 0-75m/s, they are specifically designed for use in meteorological applications. For drones, UAVs and applications where weight is critical, the FT205 delivers high performance in a light package. Made from a graphite and nylon composite, it weighs only 100g.

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